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2nd Grade Families: Save the Dates for IOWA/CogAT Assessments

2nd Graders will continue to participate in CogAT and Iowa Assessments. Though the official district-wide testing sessions are complete, students who may have missed an assessment day are still able to participate in make-up testing through November 10. The State Department has extended the testing window to accommodate the delay of testing in October.

Make up testing will continue through Friday, November 10th.

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COGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)

What Does This Test Measure?
Learned reasoning abilities in the areas of Verbal Reasoning Ability (problem solving with the use of words), Nonverbal Reasoning Ability (problem solving without the use of words), and Quantitative Reasoning Ability (reasoning within mathematical problems). 

(IA) Iowa Assessment

What Does This Test Measure?
Specific subject area content skills of reading comprehension and mathematical problem solving.

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